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If you're shopping around to find the right new car for your lifestyle, look no further than the new 2018 Toyota Camry. The new Camry sedan comes at an incredible price and offers you a wide range of benefits, including the standard Toyota Safety Sense™ (TSS-P) suite of driver-assistive technologies. This suite of safety features can help you save thousands of dollars, as the same advanced features may come at a huge cost when buying a sedan from Hyundai, Chevy, Ford or Nissan. Schedule a test-drive at our Toyota dealer near Evanston, IL, to experience the new 2018 Camry for yourself!

2018 Toyota Camry Lane Dynamic and lane departure2018 Toyota Camry Collision system and automatic high beams

What is Toyota Safety Sense™ (TSS-P)?

Many new Toyota models come with standard Toyota Safety Sense™ (TSS-P), a collection of advanced safety features that help you remain in control and well protected on the road. The 2018 Camry offers standard Lane Departure Alert, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Automatic High Beams and a Pre-Collision system with Pedestrian Detection. To learn more about Toyota Safety Sense™ technologies, you can speak with our staff and schedule a test-drive at Bredemann Toyota in Park Ridge.

To get similar safety features in
competitive models, you'd have to pay:

2018 Nissan
Altima 2.5



2018 Hyundai



2018 Ford



2018 Chevy



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2018 Camry: Toyota Safety Sense Cost Comparison:

Thanks to standard Toyota Safety Sense™, you can save thousands just by choosing a new 2018 Camry. These features, or comparable technologies, may come at a huge cost when buying sedans like the Altima, Sonata, Fusion or Malibu. To get the same features in a 2018 Altima or Sonata, you'll have to spend nearly $7,000 extra. Interested in a Fusion? You may want to think twice, as you'll have to pay almost $9,000 more just to get the same safety features as a 2018 Camry. And to top it off, you can save more than $10,000 by choosing a Camry instead of a new 2018 Malibu.

Want to learn more about what these Toyota Safety Sense™ Cost Comparisons mean? Contact Bredemann Toyota in Park Ridge and we'll be happy to answer your questions. Come buy or lease a new 2018 Toyota Camry sedan today!

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