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If you're having difficulty finding windshield wipers that work and won't break the bank, head to Bredemann Toyota. We carry genuine Toyota wiper blades for sale at lower costs than competing nearby auto repair shops. Plus, we'll even install your wiper blades for free! Visibility is fundamental to safe driving, so if you need wiper blade replacements, reach out to our Toyota dealership near Niles, IL, today!

Toyota Wiper Blade Installation Prices vs. Competition

Illinois Toyota drivers understand that driving in this state often comes with tough weather conditions, from rain and ice to snow and sleet. If your wiper blades are worn and ineffective, don’t wait to replace them. Check out our Toyota wiper blade installation price chart below:

Bredemann Toyota Morton Grove Auto Firestone Niles Midas Niles
$29.98 / Set of 2 Genuine Toyota Wiper Blades1 $68.77 $25.98 $44.00

Order Toyota Wiper Blades near Me

Unlike other local auto service centers, our Park Ridge Toyota dealer carries genuine Toyota wiper blades that are specifically equipped for your model. Plus, OEM Toyota windshield wiper blades are intelligently designed to adjust to the shape of your windshield and help maximize visibility, flexibility and performance. And because we offer Toyota parts coupons near Niles, IL, you can save even more on the price of Toyota wiper blades.

When Should Wiper Blades Be Replaced?

It is recommended that you check the condition of your wiper blades every 6-12 months. Windshield wipers are made from rubber which is degradable, and becomes less effective over time. There are a number of signs that will indicate that your wipers need to be replaced. Your wipers are leaving streaks on the windshield, skipping spots, splitting and of course, the dreaded squeaking!

  • Streaking: Visual inspection of the wiper blade reveals rubber has hardened/cracked due to exposure over time. The sun’s ultraviolet rays, tree sap or even road tar/road grit can cause damage. Bands of water will remain after each wipe and streaking will become more prominent.
  • Smearing: The wiper edge is no longer sharp, but rounded due to wear, causing water smear across the screen resulting in cloudy and impaired visibility.
  • Squeaking: The old/ worn rubber of the blade does not move quietly across the windscreen.
  • Chattering: Blades that skip, vibrate, across the windscreen, due to hot and cold temperatures over time or extended period of non-use.

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